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This approach follows the request of the CDPQ to Dr. Jacques P. Chesnais to carry out a study of the genetic pattern of beef cattle in Quebec, in order to identify the actions to be taken to contribute to the sustainability of Quebec purebred herds.

The study showed that :

  • The demand for breeding bulls is low, even if the number of breeding bulls produced by the genetic scheme is far below the needs of commercial producers;
  • The number of producers of pure breeds, for the main breeds used in Quebec, has been in steep decline for many years.
In summary, beef producers invest little in purebred improver bulls, which translates into very low demand and therefore a production shortfall on the side of purebred breeders. There are therefore not enough purebred bulls produced to meet the needs of the sector, according to the genetic improvement objectives targeted within the sector. However, genetic improvement is an essential element to ensure that the Quebec beef sector remains competitive on the North American market and to achieve this, the use of improver bulls in commercial production is important.

Already, we note that the rate of genetic progress and the resulting benefits have decreased over the last 4 to 5 years.

One of the solutions proposed by the study and endorsed by stakeholders and the Government of Quebec is to :

  • Launch a promotion program to create a brand image for bulls produced in Quebec and meeting the established minimum performance and conformation criteria.
Expected results if this action is successful :

  • The use of improver bulls will increase and by the same token their production will be valued and greater, which will benefit all beef cattle producers.
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This approach is one of the many actions undertaken to achieve the objectives of the 2019-2024 Beef Sector Strategic Plan, which is part of the Politique bioalimentaire 2018-2025 implemented by the Government of Quebec.


Offer a SHOWCASE to producers of improver bulls in Quebec to PROMOTE the availability and sale of improver bulls.



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Project manager - Mélanie Lachance, agr.
Project manager - Mallorie Trottier-Lavoie, agr.


Project manager (part A) - Marie-Pier Méthot-Langlois
Project manager (part B) - Patricia Turmel


Mr Gille Laverdière, MAPAQ
Mrs. Diane Allard, MAPAQ
Mr. André Beaumont, CCRBQ
Mr. Jean-François Cardin, éleveurs de race pure Charolais
Mr. Steve Beaudry, éleveur vache-veau commercial
Mr. Frédéric Fortin, CDPQ
Mr. Jocelyn Jacob, conseiller Bovi-Expert
Mr. Vincente Blondin, conseiller Bovi-Expert
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